TRE A' Trasporti

National and international transportation


  • Your goods will arrive on time, always


  • Your cargo's safety is our priority


  • We highlight ourselves for our competence and reliability

About Us

Tre A' Trasporti

takes care since over a decade, of national and international transports, specializing in clothing and forniture industry.
Our vehicles are equipped with a special layout, suitable for the transport of hanging clothes, and fitted with hydraulic cargo lift.
All vehicles are equipped with new generation satellite alarm and GPS tracking system, so you can be able to check on your load, at any time.
Other services we provide are alarmed warenhouse, custom and administrative practices management. Furthermore, thanks to an expert collaborators network, Tre A' Trasporti can guarantee appropriate vehicles for every requirement, throughout th year.


Storage and Logistics

Suitable vehicles

Administrative practices management

New-gen alarm

GPS tracking


Our routes

Vehicle fleet

Tre A' Trasporti

can count on a fleet from the van to the lorry, to meet all your necessities.


Overall weight
35 quintals
Working weight
900 kgs
Volume 16m3
(7 pallets)


Overall weight
75 quintals
Working weight
2000 kgs
Volume 40m3
(15 pallets)


Overall weight
120 quintals
Working weight
5000 kgs
Volume 64m3
(22 pallets)


Overall weight
180 quintals
Working weight
8000 kgs
Volume 67m3
(23 pallets)


Overall weight
400 quintals
Working weight
25000 kgs
Volume 90m3
(33 pallets)



Via A. Salieri, 14/C
37060 Sona (Verona) - Italy

Sede operativa:

Via Dell'Artigianato, 15/C
37060 Sona (Verona) - Italy

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